Delivering Healthcare Efficiency at Scale

Delivering efficient healthcare solutions

Future Medics is a business delivering solutions that support efficient delivery of healthcare at scale. Products are developed in-line with Systems Thinking principles which answer the biggest health issues in a complex world.

Our solutions rely on a detailed knowledge of the frontline delivery of Primary Care services.


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Our products demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Drive efficiencies across healthcare boundaries
  • Adoptable across a whole health economy
  • Demonstrate same or better safety than current practice
  • Allow individual practices autonomy over implementation
  • Are demonstrably effective in real world studies


The financial pressures in our single payer health service are increasing. Factors include health inflation, an ageing population and higher patient expectations.


The release of the NHS Long Term Plan sets out an ambitious plan to reduce waste through the deployment of technological solutions and re-structuring the health service to reduce duplication and waste between organisations.


There is wider acceptance that automation can reduce the pressure on healthcare providers. There is little published research on what can and cannot be automated.

Novel blood test automation systems

Fact and efficient blood testing solutions

We have developed safe and efficient protocols for blood test results.

  • A protocol to allow the safe filing or normal blood test results
  • A novel method for filing normal blood tests automatically in System 1

Healthcare messaging at scale

Healthcare messaging

Future Medics delivers fast and up to the minute healthcare messaging systems.

We can deliver efficiencies driven by messaging: quick wins to reduce patient time, or vaccination adoption for example.

Our unique online system also allows targeted messaging via individual screens, to global macro level healthcare messages. The Future Medic system can be updated in minutes across the country – or just in your practice.