Future Medics is here to help you invest in your child's future.  If your child wants to be a doctor and is aged over 14, then it makes sense to get the ball rolling early as preparation makes all the difference. Children will sometimes change their minds over careers but doing so with full information is always preferable.  The core structure of the course has emphasis on student centred learning and focus on independence and life skills and will be useful whatever they choose to do. Sign up for the parents newsletter so you can be up to date with the major parts of the application process. Membership costs £100 with only £20 for any additional years needed. We have kept the price as low as possible to be able to support as many students as we can.

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Complete Personalisation

Customise your profile and then you are set to make your own unique plan to get into medicine. Prompts and tips will help you formulate your own goals.

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Reflective Learning

Making notes about your learning with our learning tool allows you to give better examples of experiences on your UCAS and at interview.

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Track your Achievements

Everyone likes reward! Through working with our apps your efforts will be rewarded as you build your own Future Medics trophy cabinet.

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