Terms & Conditions

Future Medics™ Terms and Conditions

1               Future Medics™
1.1               Future Medics™ is a trading name of Future Professionals, a partnership registered in England & Wales whose registered office is at Blake House, 18 Blake Strees, York. YO1 8HQ.
1.2               Future Medics™ has no affiliation with any medical school or university.
1.3               Future Medics™ offers courses and interview training for people considering applying for a place a medical school, as well as providing a subscription-only Website containing a range of online support and material.
1.4               Using Future Medics™ products does not guarantee success at any stage of the medical school application.
1.5               The term ‘user’ means any person who visits or otherwise engages with the site, attends a course and or interview.
1.6               The term ‘member’ means a user who has made payment to Future Medics™.
1.7               All users including members are subject to these legally binding terms and conditions.

2               Courses
2.1               The day
(a)           Future Medics™ courses are held at Kings Place in Camden, London. They intend to improve participants’ chances in medical school admissions, but attendance at our courses is not a requirement for medical school application or success.
(b)          Our courses are attended by a range of ages and therefore should not be viewed as a school trip. For attendees under 18 travel to and from the course is the responsibility of parents and guardians of participants and not of Future Medics™.
(c)           Although candidates will be required to sign in at the beginning of the day, the course will be divided into a number of sessions and there will be no register of attendance at each session. It is the responsibility of participants to attend all sessions.
(d)          The minimum age for attendance at our courses is 14 years of age. Participants aged 14 or 15 may be accompanied by a parent or guardian for free at parental discretion.
(e)          Participants will be notified of the fire safety procedures at the venue at the beginning of each course. In the event of any emergency, participants will be required to follow instructions from Kings Place staff.
(f)            The materials used in the presentations at the course are subject to copyright and therefore no video or filming equipment or sound recording will be allowed in the auditorium. The content will be of a nature suitable for university students studying medicine. If any participant or their parent/guardian feels that images or language are not appropriate, participants can leave the auditorium for that section.
(g)           There will be breaks for refreshments and a lunch break, but please note that no food or drinks are provided by Future Medics™ as part of the course - participants will be responsible for bringing or purchasing their own food and (non-alcoholic) drinks during the day.
2.2               Course costs and refunds
(a)           The cost of the course is £150.00 per participant (reduced to £100.00 for subscribers to the Website). Future Medics™ reserves the right to make available other offers from time to time - any such offers can be removed at any time without prior notice at the sole discretion of Future Medics™.
(b)          If you have purchased a place on one of our courses and you change your mind, our refund policy is as follows:
(i)            All notices of cancellation must be made via email. info@futuremedics.co.uk.
(ii)           Subject to paragraphs (iii) and (iv) below, if you cancel up to 14 days following your purchase, you will be offered a full refund.
(iii)         If you cancel (A) more than 14 days following your purchase but (B) more than 7 days before the date of the course, you will be offered a refund less £20 pounds administration charge or to re-book on a future course for free.
(iv)         If you cancel 7 days or less before the date of the course, you will not be entitled to a refund but (subject to availability) you will be offered a space on a future course if requested before the day of the course by e-mail only.
(c)           Future Medics™ reserve the right to cancel and refund a course at any time. Future Medics™ reserve the right to change course venue, or dates, which we will inform you with at least 28 days notice and would offer a full refund if you cannot attend. Future Medics™ will not be liable for losses incurred whether in respect to travel costs or generally. Speakers and lectures may be subject to change without prior notice.
2.3               Course code of conduct
(a)           This course is for people wanting to become a doctor. We expect everybody to be able to join in, but cannot have the behaviour of a few jeopardise the learning experience of others. In the unlikely event of antisocial behaviour, which includes the use of alcohol and prohibited substances, the participant in question will be excluded from further participation on the course will not receive a refund.
(b)          Smoking is not allowed on the premises and is in any event strongly discouraged by Future Medics™ as we recognise the harms of smoking on health and the negative impact on the reputation of the health profession.
(c)           Valuables are the responsibility of participants and should be kept with them at all times. Future Medics™ will not be responsible for any personal belongings or valuables which are lost or stolen.
(d)          Mobile phones must be switched off for the duration of each session but can be used in the foyer between sessions.


3               Subscription to the Future Medics™ website
3.1               Once you have subscribed to the Future Medics™ website you will have access to all our online support and materials. You have statutory rights for a refund if you are not happy with your purchase within 14 days. Beyond this time we unable to refund subscriptions.
3.2               Refunds will be made for requests in writing as per 3.1 and may take 14 days to complete owing to our service agreement with our web payments system. No additional payments will be made for late refunds regardless of loss or costs incurred.
3.3               Failure to use a coupon correctly may result in full site payment. This can be rectified by contacting Future Medics and the repayment will be made on the terms above.
3.4               Future Medics retains the right to change the terms and conditions and will update them on the site and send members an updated document via the Future Medics members email.
3.5               Members will be put automatically on the Future Medics members email. Members can unsubscribe, but will be responsible for checking for changes to the terms and conditions which may be updated on the site.
3.6               Sharing login details and passwords for our Website is prohibited and contravenes our fair usage policy. If students are found to be sharing accounts the accounts will initially be suspended for a month with a written warning and if this occurs on a second occasion the account will be cancelled without refund.
4               Disclaimer
4.1               The information given in the Website and courses is given in good faith. Neither Future Medics™ nor the individuals presented nor institutions to which they have affiliation will be responsible for any cost, expense or liability incurred by inaccuracies in information given, but Future Medics would be happy to amend content if inaccuracies are highlighted by users.
4.2               Views expressed by individuals in the site are their own and should not be assumed to represent those of any 3rd party institutions to which they are or have been affiliated. Do not assume that information given is relevant to application to any particular medical school. Information given cannot be used as evidence of failure to get a medical school place.
4.3               Use of Future Medics products does not guarantee acceptance to a medical school.
4.4               The Website includes links to third party websites for your convenience. Future Medics™ takes no responsibility for third party content.
4.5               Some content on the Website and facebook forum is generated by website users. We reserve the right to remove content considered derogatory, offensive or factually inaccurate. Future Medics™ takes no responsibility for this third party content.
4.6               In one area of the Website we use real (but anonymised) UCAS form content. This content has been used with the donors’ permission, but it will be removed at the request of any donor. Copying of content from these examples is not permitted as each personal statement should be personal. The UCAS service uses a computerised plagiarism checker and copied words, themes or sentences can result in applicants being disqualified from the UCAS process.
5               Interviews with Future Medics™
5.1               Interviews take place over a 30 minute period which includes the interview and feedback.  The feedback will include comments to help the candidate and may include perceptions of appearance, mannerisms and structure and content of answers.
5.2               The preference of Future Medics™ is to have the conversation on Skype, but if the connection fails then the time remaining and an additional five minutes will take place at the same time by phone. In this circumstance we will call you back on a nominated UK landline or mobile, but request overseas candidates to call us back.
5.3               Payments are taken before a time of interview is agreed via the website. The cost is £70 per 30 minutes.
5.4               A series of available times will be offered by e-mail. If a candidate misses an interview slot without giving Future Medics™ at least 24 hours prior warning, no refund will be provided and the interview will not be rescheduled. Any further interview booked with Future Medics™ will be charged at the normal rate.
5.5               If the candidate needs to change an interview time this can be done for free if the candidate has given Future Medics™ at least 24 hours notice before the start of the interview time and the request is made vie e-mail to info@futuremedics.co.uk.
5.6               Having a practice interview may not reflect the questions asked at a candidate’s university interview and should not be interpreted as a guarantee of university interview success.

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